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  • Criminal records expungement information session. The Urban League of Central Carolinas. MCOE members, legal partners and volunteers.

Mecklenburg Council of Elders is a non-profit organization working within the Criminal Justice sector. We provide services to residents of Mecklenburg County by way of seminars and events designed to raise awareness of their rights and options as citizens- regardless of past involvement with the law. Thank you for your interest and support of our initiatives.

our team

Sylvia Grier

Founding Member – President Emerita.
Exec Director. Genesis Project 1, Inc https://www.genesisproject1.com

Rhandu Adams

Founding Member – 1st Vice President

Thomas Townsend

Founding Member – 2nd Vice President
President of Colombo American Foundation, Inc. www.coamfo.org



Fredy Romero

Founding Member. Media Director
Executive Director of Colombo American Foundation, Inc www.coamfo.org

Dr. Vanessa Y Stuart

Member – Human Capital Resources.
Exec. Director at Human Capital Investment, Inc. www.humancapitalinvestment.org

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