December 19, 2018

About MCOE

MCOE members and volunteers. Registration and information session. Urban League of Central Carolinas.  2017

Mecklenburg Council of Elders is a non-profit organization working within the Criminal Justice sector. We provide services to residents of Mecklenburg County by way of seminars and events designed to raise awareness of their rights and options as citizens – regardless of past involvement with the law. Thank you for your interest and support of our initiatives.

Who we are

Mecklenburg Council of Elders consistsĀ of individual heads of nonprofit organizations that interact with the court system, youth, young adults and the community.

Our mission

To create a sense of safety, trust and justice by providing programs and educational awareness that will serve as an alternative to the arrest of youth and young adults ages 13 to 35.

To implement community services with goals and objectives toward 3 primary concerns: Prevention, Intervention and Post Incarceration; thereby addressing the areas of Law, Justice and Community Outreach.