October 30, 2018

Our Services

1. Criminal Records Expungement

The expungement program is designed to assist citizen of Charlotte-Mecklenburg to clear their criminal records and bring their lives back to before they had an infraction. The expungement team works year round facilitating expungement clinics, researching and perfecting a process that is fairly new to this area of the state. Through collaborations, laws have been changed, processes made better and lives have been affected. Please register for expungement here.

Mecklenburg Court House. Home of our expungement program since 2018.  

2. KYR Know Your Rights

KYR events are held in different locations throughout the city where there is a concentration of youth. The KYR program is infused with a CMPD Transparency component offering food, music and youth interaction and “Speak out” with CMPD along with a demonstration/ presentation format.  Assistant Public Defenders and other organizations also make important contributions that involve every aspect of legal awareness. To participate or engage your community contact Maria Macon.

 Assistant Public Defenders and other organizations deliver important information on how to improve our interaction with the police and how to avoid criminal records.                              Watch our  Dec 8th, 2018 KYR video here

3. Community Peace Walks/Community Service

The LOC Community Peace walks are held in different high crime communities on the first Saturday of each month. The goal is to begin to create a sense of safety for Charlotte residents, with a theme of collective peace and conflict resolution assistance. To participate or engage your community contact Norman Muhammad.

4. Juvenile Court Intervention Program

5. Fitness Program.